Our Services

Need Analysis Interview


Before you start your course, LCollegeUK studies your needs and purposes based on which we draw a plan for you, helping youto achieve your academic and professionalgoals in the most efficient manner.


English Language Placement Test


Know your English level and your syllabus before you start your course. This helps you to be ready for your course in advance.


Student ID


Once your enrollment is approved, you receive LCollegeUK Student ID which allows you to benefit from LCollegeUK free academic consultations and discounts on all your future programs with us.


Airport Transfer


If you are worried not to find your school or accommodation, LCollegeUK can arrange an airport transfer for you. Ask your consultant for airport transfer rates.


Ticket booking


Arrange booking your ticket by LCollegeUK and get special discount.


Visa Support


LCollegeUK provides you with all necessary documents that you need to travel to the UK including: your Visa Letter, and your address in the UK. In addition, you can benefit from LCollegeUK Visa Support Service as well.


University Placement Service


If you wish to continue your Higher Education in Britain, LCollegeUK University Bridge Consultant is always ready to arrange an Offer Letter from an accredited British University for you while you are doing your English course with us.


Student Support Staff


Upon registration, a Student Support Staff member will be assigned to take care of all your enquiries before, during and after your course.


A Choice of Exciting Packages


Choose from our exciting packages that suits your plans and budget. Our packages include ( Single UK, Single Canada, Duo Anglo, Trio Anglo, Duo Canada, or Ambassador)

Our Services after the Course


Your journey with us doesn't stop upon your completion of the course. You are still LCollegeUK member as long as your Student ID is valid. LCollegeUK Student ID offers you the following privilages:

Exit Assessment after you complete your course


Upon your completion of the course in any of our institutes and after you arrive to your country, we offer you a free Exit English Language Test to compare your level before and after the course.


LCollegeUK Certificate


Upon the completion of your Exit English Language Test, you will receive LCollegeUK Certificate rectified by LCollegeUK Academic Director in England.


Academic and Professional Consultation


LCollegeUK Consultants are always ready to offer you their experience and knowledge to reach your goal. After completing your course, you are welcome to visit us to help you achieve your goals in short time and efficient manner.


Discounts on all programs


If you would like to continue your studies with us after completing your first course, you are entitled to a variety of discounts on all our programs.


University Placement Service


If you wish to continue your higher education in the UK, contact our Academic consultant and we will arrange a university offer for you from a recognized British University.