English Language and Activity Program

Intensive English Language Program:

Looking for an ideal environment where you can learn and practice English Language? LCollegeUK Junior Bridge provides you with an exciting English Language Program where you can learn and practice English from the moment you wake up in the morning till you go to bed at night!

The program features:

  • Qualified teachers trained and experienced to deal with the target age group.
  • 8.30 pm to 1 pm daily English Language lessons.
  • After-class activities where students can practice English while having fun.
  • Exclusive materials that focus on the four language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
  • The possibility to  prepare for and do the Trinity Test.

Activity Program :

LCollegeUK Junior Bridge offers you a variety of tours including: Scientific Tours, Academic Tours and Entertainment Tours to carefully selected sites. In addi- tion, our onsite activities are designed to help students to achieve their goal of dramatically improving their English Language while enjoying life in the United Kingdom. Our activity program features:

  • Full Day Excursions.
  • Half Day Excursions.
  • Free entrance to all sites.
  • Fun competitions ranging from Brain Challenges to X-Factor Night.