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Arab American Bilingual Academy - AABA : "Alliance for Change" 2016

London College of United Knowledge international award " Alliance for Change" for the year 2016 was given to Arab American Bilingual Academy in Kuwait in a ceremony held at Goldsmith University of London, and which was received by The Principal and the owner of AABA : Dr Ahlam Khatab and Mr Mubarak Al Mutawaa .

Arab American Bilingual Academy was given the award for their commitment towards applying the latest teaching methodolgies and their vision of implemeting revolutionary approaches of learing through real-life situations that are student-centred and based on self-study and  developing students' skills of critical thinking. This was reflected through their constant leasion with London College of United Knowledge in  developing programmes that achieve their vision and future plans. 

The award ceremony was attended by members of staff from both ; AABA and London College of United Knowledge, as well as AABA students who graduated from London College UK's " the Programme of Higher Education UK".


09 April, 2016

London College UK Celebrates Hala Febrayer : Two Scholarships to the Winners of Febrayer Family Marathon.

London College of United Knowledge – Kuwait joins Kuwait with their celebrations of their National and Liberation Day by offering two scholarships to the winners of the Family Marathon by the Kuwaiti well established communication company “ooredoo”.

Following the Marathon, London College UK launched its campaign for their educational programmes and educational tourism – LingoTour for Summer 2016.

During the Campaign, “London College UK Family in Kuwait” : a group of young Kuwait entrepreneurs trained by the said institution joined the campaign that offered them a real-life business and social environment to interact with the community and give advice to the campaign visitors on London College UK Junior Programme. In addition, London College UK musical band in Kuwait played English pop songs to the public who enjoyed it.             

13 February, 2016

Young Entrepreneurs in Education

London College of United Knowledge started 2016 with its innovative programme for young entrepreneurs : Young Entrepreneurs in Education.

A group of Kids aging 7 to 13 who were selected based on careful criteria relating to business and marketing skills have been trained on implementing effective strategies of marketing and advising potential students on London College UK International Junior Programme.

The programme aims at offering talented young entrepreneurs a chance to explore the market challenges and an opportunity to implement their skills in real-life business situations by offering the participants all the tools they need ; including professional business cards, office space and secretarial support.

After the training was concluded the participants announced their club: “ London College UK Family in Kuwait” and join London College UK CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) events held in Kuwait during the month of February during which Kuwait celebrates their National and Liberation Day.

The Programme comes as a part of London College of United Knowledge CSR activities that aim to build strong ties with the communities which the institution exists.

16 January, 2016

London College UK Award

London College of United Knowledge and as part of their mission of supporting arts and talents , they sponsored the activities of ATLAS Club - Phantom of the Opera, which was performed by students in the foundation year. The idea of Bringing Reading to Life is a revolutionary methodology for teaching foreign languages that is developed by Ms Alison Larkin who received London College UK International Award "Alliance for Change " for her creative approaches for teaching and learning languages.

30 November, 2015

“Business Kid” Sponsored and Co-organized by London College of United Knowledge

London College of United Knowledge sponsored and co-organized the three-day event of “Business Kid” in Kuwait. The event mainly focuses on and trains young learners how to be successful entrepreneurs and this is through a series of workshops and an exhibition that is dedicated for them to offer their products to the market , which serves as the real environment where they can practice their entrepreneurial skills. During the event, London College of United Knowledge surprised the participants with offering two jobs to the most talents ones, who are going to be trained to be academic consultants for London College UK junior programmes.

In addition, London College UK offered two scholarships for the winners of “Business Kid Got Talents” and “ Selfie” to study at London College Academic Junior Programme held in UK top universities and academic institutions.

At the end of the event, London College UK awarded each successful participant a certificate of attendance during a ceremony similar to the graduation ceremonies held in prestigious universities in the UK.    

16 October, 2015

London College UK Launches its Teachers Training Programmes

During TESOL Kuwait Conference, London College of United Knowledge invited the President of TESOL - Kuwait, Dr Mohammad Etidali and British Council Country Director Kuwait , Mr Grant Butler, to announce the launching of London College UK Teachers Training Programmes that include : CELTA, DELTA, CertTESOL, and Teachers Immersion courses. 

06 November, 2015

London College UK Launches its Campaigns with the Presence of His Excellency the Kuwaiti Minister of Education

During the Graduation Ceremony of Public Authority of Applied Education and Training, sponsored by London College of United Knowledge , the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth, London College of United Knowledge launched their campaign for the academic year 2015/16 with the presence of His Excellency the Kuwaiti Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Bader Al Essa.

During the Graduation Ceremony, the management of London College UK has awarded the graduate with the highest GPA, Ms Hajar Al Shammeri, with scholarship to study English Language in Glasgow, Scotland. In addition, the College has rewarded the top eleven students with the highest academic achievements with one-year free access to its online English courses platform “e-lingo”.

“We are delighted today to share the happy moment of graduation with the students , who had worked hard and were determined to witness this day” said Alfred Irshaid – the Head of International Operations Department of London College UK. He added “ London College of United Knowledge vision and mission is based on building effective and constructive partnerships  with major international academic and economic institutions in order to encourage  a global culture where qualifications and achievements have the chance to develop and prevail to achieve prosperity not only locally , but globally”

It is worth-mentioning that London College of United Knowledge has dedicated more than 90% of its marketing budget for the year 2015-2016 for events and campaigns that enhances its social responsibility towards the communities where it operates.  


13 October, 2015

Free Access to E-lingo and LCollegeUK ELPT: Lingo Placement Test

London College of United of United Knowledge offers every visitor to its new website its free English Language Placement Test Lingo Placement Test and its e-learning platform e-Lingo as a response to LCollegeUK vision and mission that aims to support global learning. With LCollegeUK, you always learn.

With LCollegeUK always: Knowledge for All & All for Knowledge  

03 November, 2014

LCollegeUK launches its ground-breaking brand new website and Application

London College of United Knowledge launched their brand new and bright website www.lcolleg and their App LCollegeUK Registration System in a ceremony attended by London College of United Knowledge Staff in the UK and MENA and their honorable guests from partner schools and colleges. The website features accessibility by students and agents to register and pay for courses online by clicking on Register and Pay. In addition, it makes it possible for students to book for their courses a year in advance by clicking on In Advance Booking. The website is accessible in all kinds of browses and machines.

On the other hand, LCollegeUK App is now available to download in Android and Apple supported mobiles. It is a response to the technological advances in the field of communication and programming. The App , LCollegeUK Registration System, allows both agents and schools to book to book,  and register in and pay for courses in simple and easy steps avoiding the paper work and the time consumed  in the process of applying for language courses in the UK and Canada.

LCollegeUK website and App achieve LCollegeUK policy of conducting environmentally friendly processes during their operations by saving the lives of many trees by cutting down on the amount of papers consumed in the process of registration. 

03 November, 2014

LCollegeUK – MENA attends the 60 year-old event StudyWorld – London 2014

London College of United Knowledge attended StudyWorld – London,2014.  StudyWorld was established in 1969, and since then it has become a world-leading international recruitment event that has expanded beyond language study to take in the full range of education providers including international universities and colleges. At the end of the event, LCollegeUK Head of International Operations Department , Zayed Irshaid presented LCollegeUK Shield of Gratitude to Annie Wright of EnglishUK for their outstanding efforts for organizing this important event.

01 September, 2014

LCollegeUK Junior Students Complete Their Programme at Goldsmith College – London

LCollegeUK Junior Bridge concluded on 25 of August-2014 with honouring the participants by the Programme Manager and LCollegeUK head of International Operation Department. The participants expressed their gratitude to their teachers and the Programme Manager as it was a valuable chance for them to explore university life in the UK and to make new friends from different cultures. Read more about LCollegeUK Junior Bridge at Goldsmith College – London.

25 August, 2014

LCollegeUK Junior students complete their Programme at the University of Greenwich

LCollegeUK Junior student completed their LCollegeUK Junior Bridge held at the University of Greenwich. The programme aims at introducing students under 18 to multi-cultural university life and give them the chance to visit significant historical and cultural sites in England, as well as to experience their next step of education before starting it. At the end of the programme, students received their LCollegeUK certificates of completion by the Centre Manager ,Jamie Goldthorpe, and the Head of International Operations Department, Alfred Irshaid. Read more about LCollegeUK Junior Bridge at the University of Greenwich.

10 August, 2014

New Interactive LCOLLEGEUK Twitter Account

LCOLLEGEUK has a new Twitter accounts o that every valued customer and client can interact with its prized marketing team and stay updated on LCollgeUK educational information and offerings. Visit either of the following:



any time at all.

23 July, 2014

Summer Camp Program Introduced

Welcome to summer as LCOLLEGEUK introduces its Summer Camp program, conveniently offered in nineteen universities on two different continents.  The main goal of the program is to equip students with the necessary skills to integrate into international academic environments where they can interact with students from all around the world.  In addition, the program offers students the opportunity to work independently, without the assistance of parents in academic environments.  This helps them gain the ability to experience living and studying abroad.

09 July, 2014

Registered Trademark

London College of  United Knowledge® – the superscripted symbol following the name signals that it is now a registered trademark – congratulations to LCollegeUK ® !

12 June, 2014

LCOLLEGEUK Provides Marketing Consultant Training

LCOLLEGEUK conducted productive training sessions for its marketing consultants in order to ensure steadfast commitment to the organizational mission and vision and to assure only the highest quality service, always.

14 May, 2014

LCOLLEGEUK’s Team in London Honored

The London LCOLLEGEUK team was praised and formally honored for its proven dedication, hard work, and helpfulness in promptly arranging solutions for and faithfully meeting customer and client needs.

18 April, 2014

LCOLLEGEUK Adults Program Commences

LCOLLEGEUK has effectively marketed and launched its Adults Program in Kuwait. The program – generally available with homestay or other accommodation in any of seven English, Canadian, and Irish educational facilities – features comprehensive pre-, during, and post-program learner support for those desiring general English, examination, or specialist courses of study.

05 March, 2014

Scholarship For Distinguished Students

LCOLLEGEUK has begun developing a scholarship structure for distinguished students who plan to become English language teachers. Details are forthcoming.

03 December, 2013

Program At Sholokhov Moscow

LCOLLEGEUK Programs at Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities

15 October, 2013

LCOLLEGEUK Institutional Membership

LCOLLEGEUK has been awarded institutional membership at The College of Teachers in the UK, whose history dates back to 1846. This registered charity holds a Royal Charter issued by the monarchy and is the UK’s professional educational institute for all types of primary through university educators, industrial trainers, and local authority managers and governors. The College of Teachers supports a range of educational entities around the world via networks of membership, the awarding of qualifications, and accreditation of courses offered globally by independent training providers.

16 September, 2013

LCollegeUK Corporate Membership

LCollegeUK is now a corporate member of the currently 133-year-old London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), London’s biggest independent business support and professional services organization that links more than 500,000 businesspeople and hosts over 200 B2B events every year.

07 August, 2013

LCollegeUK Delivers Premier Training

LONDON COLLEGE of  UNITED KNOWLEDGE delivered its inaugural training course to MBA students of the Kuwait Maastricht Business School (KMBS) at its Kuwait venue in January 2013. The Master of Business Administration candidates underwent an intensive program of hands-on study to fortify their academic writing skills in preparation for composing their Masters theses.

01 January, 2013

LCollegeUK Provided Seminars And Teacher Training

LCOLLEGEUK provided highly successful seminars and teacher training at Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities, where students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and International Communication enjoyed beneficial Academic IELTS Preparation, English Language Teaching Methodologies, and Language Assessment in an Academic Context programs of study that culminated in the awarding of certificates upon course completion.

12 February, 2013